ORBIT (Black Room Project)

video opera installation
2007 // Theater Freiburg

a research project/performance by Ari Benjamin Meyers and Lucinda Dayhew

living in the ORBIT, carrying out various rituals and performances in complete darkness and isolation // Theater Freiburg, 5/11/07 through 5/17/07 // in collaboration with raumlabor.berlin

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audio sample 1

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Black Room Project-Room 641A

(the space I miss on earth)

Ari Benjamin Meyers and Lucinda Dayhew will live in the Orbit for seven days. During this week experiments will be carried out and various rituals and performances will take place. These activities will take place in complete darkness and isolation and will be documented with sound, music and video recordings. The Orbit's interior will remain inaccessible to the public for the entire duration of the project.

"After the divorce from her husband a woman allegedly barricaded herself in her house with her three children, then aged six, ten and thirteen in the suburb of Pöstlingberg in Linz, Austria. She closed the curtains, unscrewed all the lightbulbs and stopped the children from going to school. In this prison the three girls developed their own language…" –kurier.at

“In a modern American Network Operations Center, optical splitters divert a percentage of the laser light from all incoming and outgoing fiber-optic cables to a secret room.”

more info here: www.orbit-freiburg.de
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