Playground Clubculture

improvised dance performance
2008 // Radial System, Berlin

Redux Orchestra with DJ Chloé

Alexandre Riccoli, concept/choreography // featuring members of the Sasha Waltz Dance Company

[image: playground 1]
[image: playground 2]
[image: playground 3]

audio sample 1

audio sample 2

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"Playground Clubculture" is a new series in RADIALSYSTEM V curated by the French choreographer Alexandre Roccoli. DJ's, dancers, musicians, and fashion designers come together to perform an impromtu "score".

Playground 1: Minimal Art
Dramaturgy: Anne Lucas, Alexandre Roccoli, Christian Delécluse
Guests: DJ Chloé (Kill the DJ), Ari Benjamin Meyers and musicians from Redux Orchestra
Dancers: Aranxta Martinez, Laurie Young, Fabrice Ramalingom und Michel Abdul
Costume Design: Asha Mines