Ghost Recordings

with Sora Kim
2013 // Tina Kim Gallery, NYC

[image: Ghost Recordings 1]
[image: Ghost Recordings 2]
[image: Ghost Recordings 3]

May 10 – June 29, 2013

Tina Kim Gallery is proud to present Sora Kim and Ari Benjamin Meyers’s Ghost Recordings – in their first-time collaboration. Based on a performance developed by Kim and Meyers, the work is comprised of the gallery staff’s daily execution and recording of this performance; each day the recording of the previous day's performance will be replaced with the new one. The recording will be made on an endless-loop tape and therefore what one actually hears will bear the random traces of earlier recordings. Whereas one part of the work depends on repetition, the other part is comprised of a parallel recording—a recorder at work non-stop, saving the everyday sounds of the gallery (and possibly other locations) day and night forever into the future. At the end of the exhibition, we will be left with the ghost audio of a ritually repeated performance as well as the very last audible minutes of the exhibition in the gallery space. The daily routine will leave one other trace—the accumulation of photographs of the cassette taken each day, as a new date is added to its label. Baring minimal differences, these photographs will serve as a log of the project that alters its ephemeral nature to one slightly more visible and tangible. Walking in the gallery space, one can see the ever increasing number of these almost identical photographs and listen to the performance recorded on that day, which will bear differing nuances that only those visiting the exhibition more than once can experience. And that experience will itself be recorded, and then erased...