The Breathing Line

a score in three parts
2012 // IMMA

an installation by Anri Sala and Ari Benjamin Meyers

[image: BL 1]
[image: BL 2]
[image: BL 3]

The Breathing Line (2012), a collaboration between Anri Sala and Ari Benjamin Meyers, is inspired by the interplay between the breathing and the music in the film 1395 Days without Red. The work creates a poetic dialogue between the exhibition space and the subject matter. We see the musical score installed on the aluminum shelves that take up the length of the wall. The score relates to the points in the film where the female protagonist is humming or breathing audibly. By physically walking around the installation, so we enter into the filmic space; the time and movement of our reading of this installation create a play of special perception and displacement of sound.

-Rachael Thomas
Senior Curator: Head of Exhibitions, Irish Museum of Modern Art